We Need Your Support!
Whether you donate dollars or services, you
can be assured your contribution will not only be appreciated, it will also be put to good use.  The money generated by this year’s Wortham Blues Festival will be used in a variety of ways, including preparation for next year’s event.
Want to see your name on the Wortham Blues Festival List of Sponsors?  Contact info@worthambluesfest.org to become a sponsor!
Thanks to all individuals, businesses, and organizations who have contributed to this year's event!

2016 Wortham Blues Festival Sponsors
  • Wortham Economic Development Council
  • General Dynamics
  • Citizens State Bank
  • J.R. Sessions III
  • Calame Consulting, LLC 
  • Johnson Cattle Marketing
  • Porter Funeral Home
  • Wortham Liquor Store
  • Farmers State Bank
  • Carr Electric
  • Wat's BBQ
  • Wright Climate Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Flatt Stationers Inc.
  • Mexia Pest Control
  • Coffee Cabaret
  • Mrs. J's Jazzy Jewels & Snazzy Stuff
  • Freestone Boxing & Rec. Center
  • One Hair Place
  • Nail Masters
  • Saints of Gold
  • Resolutions Weight Loss Center of Fairfield
  • City of Wortham, Texas
  • City of Wortham Public Works Dept.
  • City of Wortham Police Dept. & Reserves
  • Freestone County Adult Probation Department
  • Clyde Ridge Precinct 4 County Commissioner
Anonymous Sponsors - You Know Who You Are!