About the Wortham Blues Festival

In 1997, Wortham held its first “Blind” Lemon Jefferson Blues Festival. Organized by the Wortham Area Chamber of Commerce (a non-profit organization), the event (now known as the Wortham Blues Festival) has grown into a much-anticipated annual showcase of sizzling Texas Blues, and is sponsored by individuals, organizations, and businesses dedicated to the preservation of Jefferson’s legacy in American music.

The Wortham Blues Festival is held on the second Saturday in September, and is reasonably priced for families to come out and enjoy some live up-and-coming Texas Blues. All proceeds from the Wortham Blues Festival are used to support future events, as well as projects and activities in the Wortham community.

Who Was That Blues Man?

The Wortham Blues Festival is dedicated to local legendary blues musician "Blind" Lemon Jefferson's enormous contribution to American Music. Read more...